Participating Hospitals

An ever growing number of hospitals and medical facilities are joining our system

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Patient portal

Each patient is provided with a secure patient portal to manage their medical tourism interactions

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Marketing Partners

We are looking for partners to expand globally

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You need to increase your share of voice on the net

It is important to make your presence felt globally not only to build more number of potential partnerships but also to attract more and more number of referrals from the across the world through them.

You must be constantly in touch with the patient

As the number of referrals increases, it will be difficult to manage them through direct interactions. It would make the process tedious and time consuming.

With your Partner
With your Patient

i-Global care solutions

Promotes you through multiple websites including those of all the established partners
Establishes a wide network for you through multiple partnerships
Your website is optimized for Search engines
Our communication channels allow you to be constantly in touch with the patients as well as the partners through separate secure usernames and passwords
Reports on the status of patient updated by your partners regularly throughout all the stages of pre, in and post treatments

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