Participating Hospitals

An ever growing number of hospitals and medical facilities are joining our system

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Patient portal

Each patient is provided with a secure patient portal to manage their medical tourism interactions

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Marketing Partners

We are looking for partners to expand globally

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To make the right decisions , you need to access relevant data from multiple sources

There could be comparisons between two or more different countries, hospitals , doctors, their success rates, the services provided, the testimonials of treated patients, or even the cost of treatments.

The patient will also be a party to the decision making process

A patient can gather a lot of information by making the comparisons himself and hence have a stronger say in the decision making process.

How I-Globalcare supports you

Provide current data from hospitals and referrers
Dynamic quote generation system
Secondary quotes based on case history
Dynamic information feeds on treatments and conditions
Patient reported outcomes and grading
Hospital reported data
Support center

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