Participating Hospitals

An ever growing number of hospitals and medical facilities are joining our system

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Patient portal

Each patient is provided with a secure patient portal to manage their medical tourism interactions

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Marketing Partners

We are looking for partners to expand globally

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The patient is the center point around which the whole domain rotates, so our system provides maximum facilities to the end patient and to maintain his relationship with the entity through whom he is taking up services.

The services that we provide the patient at various stages are process driven and controlled by the entity that provides the consumer with the patient portal

Process Driven Customization controlled by the hospital or the referrer
  • You define the ideal process you have for your patients
  • You define the data visible to you patients on the portal
  • Your process, and the patients response against that process, are tracked on the patient portal
  • Salient Features of the Portal
  • Search, Research and Compare features
  • Viewing of multiple quotes
  • Communicating with the hospital/referrer/doctor
  • Submitting medical history
  • Setting appointments
  • Booking non-medical services
  • Creating the entire travel schedule

  • Our services to..