Participating Hospitals

An ever growing number of hospitals and medical facilities are joining our system

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Patient portal

Each patient is provided with a secure patient portal to manage their medical tourism interactions

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Marketing Partners

We are looking for partners to expand globally

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In addition to our powerful online platform, we are focused on providing a complete range of services to support your business operations. The services we provide include:

Customer Support
  • Trained and courteous support staff to help answer your questions
  • An online helpdesk and ticket management system
  • Training
  • Training on the use of the system
  • Training to the partners you bring in to the system
  • Partnership Facilitation
  • On-line and on-site introductions between health care facilitators, medical facilities and other partners in the network
  • Consulting Services
  • Consulting services to help define and implement business process through the iGlobalCare platform
  • Entry of specializations, doctor information and other content into the system
  • Specialized training on the optimum use of modules like CRM, outsourced referrals, etc.
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Case management
  • Destination management
  • Medical help desk
  • Consulting services
  • Medical Tourism Website development
  • Services through Partners
  • Manage leads
  • Define and manage lead sources
  • Convert leads
  • Manage team assignments
  • Our services to..