Participating Hospitals

An ever growing number of hospitals and medical facilities are joining our system

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Patient portal

Each patient is provided with a secure patient portal to manage their medical tourism interactions

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We are looking for partners to expand globally

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Expand your business by accessing all HCFs in our network
The iglobalcare platform helps you to expand the business by connecting you to the wide range of HCFs in the network. The HCFs having their network spread across the world will be able to provide you with a greater number of referrals, hence providing you with a global presence.

Add your own exclusive HCFs to the network
The platform provides an exclusive feature of adding an already existing partner to the platform without being listed in the network. The partner will be working only for your hospital but following the same processes of the platform hence making the entire processes standardized and easy to handle and follow up.

Interface with travel and destination managers
We provide you with the facility to connect a destination manager to your own network so as to coordinate the patientís non medical activities such as travel and accommodation etc. This facilitates you to outsource such activities to a third party helping you to concentrate more on the treatment related activities of the person.

Define your prices and revenue sharing models
The platform provides the facility to decide and fix upon the revenue sharing model with a healthcare facilitator online. We also provide you to define the basic treatment cost in the platform so that patient can view the cost and compare them with those of the other hospitals in the network.
Manage patient information
We also help you to manage the contents and details of the patient such as the personal details and the medical and non medical contents in a very orderly manner. This helps you to easily access any detail about any patient with utmost ease at any point of time.

Allow access to Physicians
The platform helps the patient to connect directly to the physicians of the selected hospitals providing the patient and the hospital a clear view of the medical treatment required by the patient, the number of days of hospitalization and a more accurate cost of treatment.

Receive medical information
The patient can be given medical information regarding the treatment such as the treatment details and the number of days of hospitalization and how to prepare for the treatment etc. This can help the patient to be well prepared before he gets himself admitted to the hospital.

View patient history and medical records
The patient can be made to send his previous medical records and the medical history details to the hospital making the analysis easier for the doctors. The transfer of medical content is done through a very secure mode ensuring the privacy and security of data.

Add travel and destination services
The patient can select the destination manager of the hospital and coordinate his/her non medical activities with the same. Thus providing the patient with extra care and facilities.
Define your services and manage medical and non-medical content
This provision provided by the platform helps you to manage the medical and also the non medical content in the most orderly manner. This makes the access to each data easier and the least time consuming.
Define your processes and procedures
The process for the patient management that is followed in your hospital, can be incorporated into the system making it more user friendly.

Manage all communications in your network
The platform provides facilities to communicate with the patient, the HCFs and the own HCF though email and store the details of each communication. This helps you to track the processes and hence manage more efficiently and effectively.

Streamline your quote process
The quote generation to acceptance has been streamlined in a hierarchical set of processes. This helps you to keep an account of the number of referrals at each stage and the total turn around ratio.

Manage the entire health travel process through a single platform
The platform provides the facilities so that the entire processes of a health tourist can be managed through a single platform. This includes the medical as well as the non-medical activities of a patient.
Manage leads
The platform enables you to manage the leads coming in from your own portal or through the HCFs in your network. The platform also has definite defined stages which the health tourist passes through in order to become an inpatient of your hospital.

Define and manage lead sources
The platform also enables you to manage the sources from which each referral arrives. This could be through an HCF in our platform or even through your own HCF connected to the platform.

Convert leads
The iglobalcare platform provides with system stages for converting leads to potential patients of your hospitals. It also enables you to incorporate your own user defined stages into the platform hence enabling you to standardize your processes with out making any significant changes to your existing ones.

Manage team assignments
This is an additional feature provided by the platform enabling you to divide the work and assign to different operational managers under a team leader. The operational manager works independently like the team leader. The team leader is given the provision to oversee the activities performed by each operational manager hence making each action accountable.

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